28 May 2012

Calling all bike-minded people

This month is a gathering of the bicycle clans. From the (cycle) lanes of Bogota, Colombia to those in Cape Town, a group of cyclist lovers and supporters will lead the conversation on how we nurture Cape Town’s cycling culture. A true global exchange of ideas involving Bogota’s successful ciclovia and Cape Town’s citizen initiatives like Moonlight Mass, Cape Town Bike Polo, Camissa Bicycles, Cape Town Bicycle Map, Bicycle Empowerment Network (BEN), Global Wheeling Foundation, Velokhaya – the Life Cycling Academy, Urbancyclist, World Naked Bike Ride, and more…

You’ve heard about CarrotMobs, right? Kind of the opposite of a consumer boycott, rather like or a socially conscious ‘Groupon’ deal. Instead of joining a boycott, you join a ‘mob’ to spend money as a group if a business agrees to make a socially responsible change. So here’s the deal for 28 May at Green Drinks CycleLINKS, South Africa’s first ever BIKEMOB… New at the Mill is the latest incarnation of Societi – The Josephine Mill Cookhouse. It’s not officially open yet, but in return for using you as part of its ‘test week’’, the restaurant will donate its Monday night profits toward purchasing bicycle-parking racks for the Mill. (Don’t worry, we’ll ensure they’re not the wheel-bender, bike-damaging racks. So bring your bike, your appetite and your wallet – and see you there.

*** PLEASE BOOK 021 686 1437 ***

If you cycle and want to see more bicycles on the streets of Cape Town, or if you don’t cycle, but want to and wish it were safer and easier, this is something you must not miss!

The case of “ciclovia” 1 in Bogota, Colombia where the main artery of the city is closed to non-motorised vehicles for half a day every Sunday will be showcased along with the existing cycling routes in Cape Town. This will be followed by an informal discussion on what needs to be done to take cycling forward and truly make Cape Town a “world-class cycling city”.

Cape Town already has great examples including Moonlight Mass, Cape Town Bike Polo, Camissa Bicycles, Cape Town Bicycle Map, Bicycle Empowerment Network (BEN), Global Wheeling Foundation, Velokhaya – the Life Cycling Academy, Urbancyclist, World Naked Bike Ride and more. This is our opportunity as citizens to help shape a future Cape Town resplendent with bike routes, bike parking, bike events, bike cafes, a strong bike movement and a healthier safer environment where all communities can take to the streets and connect.

The evening will start with a short presentation and will be followed by an open forum for everyone to present existing projects and/or ideas. We’ll end with a chance to capture current and future projects and talk to each other, over a drink, or dinner at the new restaurant, about cycling in Cape Town


Special Event – TEDx TABLEMOUNTAIN Social Gathering

The Josephine Mill will be hosting an informal social for TEDx Table Mountain.

The conference, which will be held on the 27th of May, is about Creative Perspectives on the Human Nature Relationships.

Speakers represent a variety of topics and organisations including:

  • enviro-mental health and psychology
  • bio-mimicry
  • Cape ecology
  • alternative education
  • poetry
  • environmental journalism
  • Mothers Unite
  • The Cape Philharmonic Orchestra

Come join for food, drinks, and intelligent conversation!

April 2012

No event

March 2012

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February 2012

Big in Japan, with Peter Becker

Peter Becker travelled to Japan in January as a representative of the Koeberg Alert Alliance, where he visited the area contaminated by the Fukushima nuclear disaster and spoke to communities affected by the radioactive contamination.

Join us to see some photographs and video clips from the trip, and to hear what lessons could be learned by South Africa.  The Koeberg Emergency plan (recently released by Eskom after legal action) will also be presented, and the current state of South Africa’s nuclear power plans will be described, including the new reactors for Koeberg.

Be informed.


January 2012

Pedal for Paws

To start off the year an acknowledgement of a “bush-mad winemaker” and a photographer – Jeremy and Emma Borg – for their work in melding conservation advocacy, wild life art, and eclectic hand crafted wines. So join us to hear the story of “Painted Wolf Wines” and their efforts to raise awareness and funding for African Wild Dogs.

African Wild Dogs are highly endangered with populations declining at an alarming rate throughout southern Africa- they are the most endangered carnivore in Sub Saharan Africa. Their teamwork, persistence, hunting prowess, individual markings and colouring are our inspiration.

Their business philosophy is inspired by the pack culture and strategy of African Wild Dogs also known as Painted Wolves or Painted Dogs.

They have used the sales of their award winning wines to contribute money for wild dog conservation, and the resources of our company to create fund raising and advocacy opportunities. Ongoing donations are made to a number of conservation organisations, and they frequently sponsor events to raise money for conservation.

Their newest venture is Pedals for Paws, a series of fundraising and advocacy cycle rides between major game parks and wild life sanctuaries in Southern Africa.


December 2011

Thoughts on COP 17

Andy le May and Lance Greyling tell us their views of COP 17 and their experience of Durban.